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BPO Solutions is a Pakistani based, RPO & BPO Company.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO):

We are a quality driven and client focused provider of CV Sourcingand recruitment process support services. We have access to leading UK job boards. More importantly we know how to use them as Boolean search methodology is engrained in our DNA!
Powered by an educated and well-trained workforce, at BPO Solutions our standards are exceptionally high. Reason being, quality is the cornerstone of our business. It is our mission to source and supply only the best candidates for our clients. Through the quality we deliver, our clients fill more jobs, more quickly. As such, our clients achieve a competitive advantage.
Furthermore, BPO Solutions enables the streamlining of recruitment processes, allowing our clients to have a leaner and more efficient recruitment process, that is both high in quality and low in cost. Through our affordable recruitment support services, our clients benefit from a reduction in overheads and lower operating costs. Such savings mean an increase in profits, as we add value to your bottom line.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO):

efficiencyAt BPO Solutions, we do things differently; we do things passionately and with fervour. We believe that the BPO industry is not exclusively about “outsourcing”. However, it represents a continual process of growing one’s business by acquiring new customers, retaining old customers and providing service excellence – a winning formula which pays rich dividends.
BPO Solutions offers a diverse range of services which includes garnering potential customers, managing data efficiently, or trouble shooting technical problems and administration issues. Our host of peripheral activities is aimed to take your business ahead through a blend of manpower, technology, research and analytics.
BPO Solutions has the expertise and skilled manpower to set up and manage large outbound and inbound call centre services. Our call centre agents are well trained and proficient enough to handle large volumes of calls in a professional manner. The agents are provided in-house training starting from greeting the customers over the phone, calls pertaining to surveys, lead generation, verifications, collections and sales.


Why Outsource Your Recruitment Process:

Are your consultants doing their own CV searching? Would you rather have your consultants on the phone winning business or spending hours mining job boards? Would you like to get more value from your consultants by removing admin chores like data entry/ uploading files or database management work? Do you have CVs that need formatting on a daily basis? Do you have job adverts to post online? Do you have a Research project? Looking to map specific organizations to identify key talent or find out who works where? Looking for new business leads? Are your consultants currently doing the leg work in generating leads?

If your answer is “YES” then the solution is BPO Solutions!

BPO Solutions can deliver significant benefits for your business. These include but not limited to:

  • Reduced Costs and Lower Overheads
  • Increased Business Profitability
  • Low Risk Business Growth
  • Business Agility
  • Improved Business Efficiency
  • Enhanced Business Performance
  • Increased Productivity

If you are keen for your business to benefit from the above, then the solution is BPO Solutions.

Why Outsource Your Business Processes:

The benefits of outsourcing business process, include the advantages of reduced costs and increased efficiency, as well as the ability to predict business results and support strategic planning.

At BPO Solutions, we are focused on providing effective and responsive solutions.

BPO Solutions can deliver significant benefits for your business. These include but not limited to:

  • Reduced Costs
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Specialized Industry knowledge
  • Dedicated “Call Mangers”
  • Expert Management and Support Staff
  • Cost Management Tools
  • Quality Monitoring and Control
  • Access to Latest Technology
  • Service 24/7

If you are keen for your business to benefit from the above, then the solution is BPO Solutions.


  • CV Sourcing

    This involves mining our network of Premium job boards including Monster, Reed, Jobsite and CV Library for relevant CVs against a vacancy brief and emailing you a package of relevant CVs. On average, a package may contain between 10 – 15 relevant CVs. Obviously if the role is very niche then this will impact on quantity, as matching search results may not be as many.
    Ultimately, our primary focus is on quality not quantity. Our objective is to send you a shortlist of the best candidates for you to select from and speak to about the role you are seeking to fill. Since the search is essentially a major part of the leg work, this service will save you a lot of time, effort and energy, enabling your business to fill vacancies a lot faster.

  • CV Sourcing + Initial Telephone Screening

    This is essentially CV Sourcing plus the addition of initial telephone interviews to determine the following:
    a) How well do the shortlisted candidates matches against the brief?
    b) If they are a match, are they interested in the position available?
    c) What is their reason for seeking a new role?
    d) Salary expectation and notice period?

  • Online Job Advertising

    By posting your vacancies on our website, your vacancies will be posted across our network of over 400 job boards. This level of exposure is invaluable for our clients who are seeking to advertise their positions online. You can choose to have a customised application form and the applications will be sent to you via email.

  • Candidate Prequalification

    This is a bolt-on service to Online Job Advertising, as we would pre-qualify all applications received via online job adverts and manage the matching process.

    This involves:

    • Screening all applications against the brief and conducting a candidate ‘long-list’ of relevant applications
    • Following this we would call each candidate from the long-list and interview them against the brief to further qualify their suitability and interest against the role
    • After conducting all interviews, we would present a shortlist of the best applications along with our interview notes so that you can simply arrange face-to-face interviews with the crème of the crop!


  • Call Center Services

    At BPO Solutions,we have cutting-edge technology and robust infrastructure to manage all our projects efficiently. We are equipped with latest facilities like predictive dialler software, ACD, IVR, soft phone, voice logging and call recording in all our contact centres. The call centre services offered by BPO Solutions are divided under three main heads which are outbound, inbound and email/chat based services.

    Our Outbound Call Centre Service include:

    • Telemarketing
    • Appointment Setting
    • Lead Generation
    • Market Research & Survey
    • Product Service promotion
    • Cross Selling and Upselling

    Our Inbound Call Centre Service include:

    • Answering Service
    • Customer Service
    • Direct Response Marketing
    • Helpdesk Solutions
    • Inquiry Handling
    • Tech Support Services
    • Sales Lead Qualification

  • Live 24/7 Web Chat Support and Email Support

    Email support and Chat support have now developed to become two most basic means of transmitting real-time essential data, thereby influencing customer relationships. This is the main reason why most businesses are willing to outsource their customer services like help desk support, technical support and complaint collection. Most non-voice support processes today integrate email support and chat support. BPO Solutions has trained manpower and resources to handle it effectively on your behalf.

    Our Chat Support Service includes but is not limited to:

    • Marketing Services
    • Complaint registration and its resolutions
    • Technical problem resolution
    • Live customer support
    • 24×7 online support
    • Reliable source to get first-hand information of your services and products

    Our Email Support covers diverse areas that includes but is not limited to:

    • Product Inquiries
    • Order Fulfilment
    • Order Taking
    • Feedback or response to inquiry
    • Query resolution
    • Troubleshooting for services and products
    • Payment Inquiries and documentation
    • Query Resolution
    • Product or Service information requests
    • Customer guidance in collecting data